Made from Premium Quality Paper, Self Adhesive and Comes in a Various Design That You Can Choose!

Assorted receipts, made of paper have served us well for a long period of time. They are simple, practical, and creative. There is no doubt that assorted receipts/checks stationery stickers make your card look more colorful. Everybody would like to have a better quality paper especially the ones that are self adhesive and when it comes to stationery stickers, they can help you keep track of the notes and keep you in a track with your work. 

Here in this article, we will discuss some advantages of these stickers. This will help you check how the product will be of help to you. To get more information, keep reading this article till the end. We hope you enjoy reading the article.

So, let’s begin…… 

Assorted Receipts/Checks Stationery Stickers

Stickers are always useful to decorate your diary or books. These stickers make your books or diary look colorful and amazingly creative and decorated. Not only books you can also decorate your cards or make any artworks look creative with these stickers. Different types of stickers depict different meanings. By pasting a sticker we also can explain the thoughts that we want to express. Through a sticker, it becomes easy to express your feelings. These stickers are available in different sizes, colors and messages. One can share their messages through these stickers. Assorted receipts or stationery receipts are generally made with some high-quality paper. 

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  • Material: Paper
  • Model Number: Ticket Stickers
  • is_customized: No
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  • As these stickers are made with paper so it is completely eco-friendly. It does not affect our environment. 
  • These assorted receipts or checks stationery stickers are very cheap. These stickers are affordable for everyone.
  • There are no complications in making them. They are very easy to make.
  • These stickers can be used for several purposes. To make your cards, scrapbooks, or arts look creative these stickers are very helpful. They always give a creative look to your books or cards etc.
  • You can get these stickers easily in the market. They are available everywhere anybody can purchase them.


  • Since the stickers are made with high-quality paper but still the durability of these stickers is not long.


We hope the stickers help you with your stationary work and given the better quality of products, you can rely on the efficiency it will bring you. If you are looking for stickers to help you with your reading or notes, then we can assure you that this would be the best. So, decorating your cards, books, or art with variable stickers is not a big deal. There are varieties of stickers available in the market. So, what are you waiting for to go and grab one according to your choice? We hope you find this article helpful and informative.

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