Monday Motivation Quotes for the Hard Working

monday motivation quotes

In this inspirational article, you will find 15 motivational quotes to motivate your Monday. When you read those quotes, be inspired to make your life better. Save or print the quotes out. Then, read them as you prepare for your busiest day.

Monday Motivational Quotes


Have a great Monday. Use mondays to motivate your work week. The hardest things to get done during mondays are things that should not be taken seriously. So, use your mondays to forget about your bad mood or tiredness. Consider these monday motivation quotes:

“A best day never fails. It’s the thought that counts.” – Anonymous

“A life spent doing what is easy will not bring happiness. A life spent doing what is hard will bring happiness.” – George Bernard Shaw | motivation | mondays | quotes | future} “A new week, a new you. Welcome to the world of tomorrow. What are your mondays?” – Charles Schwab

“A workaholic will not last. Only a lazy person remains at home.” – Unknown proverb | motivation | quotes | good morning quotes | morning quotes} “A workaholic does not have enough energy for work. He should take good morning quotes for inspiration and energy.” – Unknown proverb | quotes | motivation | work | monday | life} “A life spent doing what is easy will not bring happiness. A life spent doing what is hard will bring happiness.” – unknown proverb | motivation | quotes | day} “A workaholic does not have enough energy for work. So he takes good mondays quotes for motivation and energy.” – Charles Schwab | motivation | quotes | monday | work} These motivational quotes are some of the most popular monday morning quotes for motivation. You can use it in your work place and get more productivity during your work hours. Most importantly, the purpose of this post was to share with you the power of inspiration and motivate you to achieve your goals in life.

“The mind can accomplish anything it sets its mind to.” – Maya Angelou | motivation | quotes | life | happy} “The power of positive thinking is like a magnet. It holds itself together. The more you push, the more you pull. The more you move the more you stay where you are.” – Charles Schwab

“Monday’s an easy day to make if you do it right.” – Unknown. But it is certainly a wise quote. When you work hard on something, especially on Monday, the more likely it becomes to come true. Try it out – stick your neck out on Monday. See how well it works.

“I cannot stay upset about things that are not broken or out of my control. I can only be happy when things are exactly as I want them to be.” – unknown. But these are some of the most powerful monday motivation quotes, possibly even more powerful than the ones on sad monday or happy monday.

“If you are always optimistic and have the right attitude, you will never lack for anything. However, having the right attitude alone will not make a thing happen – you need to have the determination to follow through and make a positive change in your life every single day. One thing that will help you become optimistic is to read positive quotes every day.” – Unknown

“You may think that being positive is selfish, but it is far from that. People who have positive attitudes are happier than those who are negative. Positive people generally do not take any more than they can handle, and they are more persistent in working hard at something. In addition, positive individuals tend to make better leaders because they are more willing to accept criticism than those with a pessimistic outlook on life. A quote for Monday is: “The power of positive thinking is greater than any one-step forward, one task finished” – unknown.”

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