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One of the best motivational audio books I’ve ever listened to was “The Secret.” In a nutshell, David Blaine explains how to become an amazing human being by listening to audio books. It’s amazing because he explains how simple it is, and then shows you how to do it. He literally walks you through the process of becoming an amazing human being and gives you the keys so that you can duplicate your success. Here’s why listening to audiobooks makes life better for you:

Power Of Motivation

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Motivational audio books have the power to motivate you! Think about it… When you’re listening to a motivational book, are you listening because you want to be motivated, or are you listening because you want to learn? Sometimes, we’re not consciously motivated, but we’ll always know subconsciously that there’s something we need to do. Listening to motivational audio books helps you connect those subconscious drives with conscious choices. When you learn what you need to do, rather than doing what you think you should be doing, you’ll find your life becomes more exciting, enjoyable, and successful.

Makes Life Better

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Another reason why audio books make life better for you is that they provide a time-saving method for you to learn new things. If you need to know a certain skill, you can simply listen to an audiobook to learn it and then listen to a follow-up session to understand it more fully. It’s that easy! Finally, listening to audiobooks gives you a huge advantage in terms of self-development. There’s something to be said about the power of subliminal seduction, and the idea of listening to motivational audio books to grow rich can certainly be appealing. But did you know that you can actually use the power of audio books to improve yourself by changing the way you think? This is accomplished through what is called “brainwave entrainment.”


Brainwave entrainment is the process by which you can deliberately train your brain in such a way as to unleash the creative power within it. The science behind this is simple but hard to explain properly in a non-technical way. Basically, when you listen to an audiobook in your car on a 90 watt stereo, you are sending a message to your brain through your speakers to focus on what you’re hearing. In essence, you’re using audio books like a cd to listen to while driving in your car! That’s why audiobooks and subliminal technology go so well together.

Changes The Perspectives

Motivational audiobooks can help you motivate yourself in many different ways. You can use motivational audio books to help yourself get through the thick and thin of daily life, whether it’s bringing up the courage to ask someone out on a date or trying to figure out how to motivate yourself during a difficult work situation. You can listen to self-help audiobooks for improving your self-esteem, motivating you to lose weight, increase your productivity, and more. You will no doubt find dozens of self-help audiobooks that are right for you based on your particular needs.

Acquire New Knowledge

If you’re trying to motivate yourself every day, there are dozens of books available that will really help you. For example, if you are trying to motivate yourself to lose weight, there are hundreds of books out there by well known authors that will provide you with all the encouragement and tools you need to lose that weight. If you are dealing with some sort of challenge with your job or life, you can use a self-help audio book to help motivate yourself to be successful. Whether it’s learning how to deal with the difficult boss at work, coming up with creative solutions to problems you face every day, or coming up with a business plan to start your own business, there are hundreds of books out there just for this purpose.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a motivational book, whether it’s a fiction book or a non-fiction audiobook, listen to the narrator. When you do, you will discover a person that is very good at what they do. The narrator doesn’t read the book, he or she reads themselves. This makes for a very good listen time, and you will probably be left with a great impression of the narrator’s personality and knowledge.

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