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quotes about life

If you are about ready to make a major life change, or know an individual that is about to, these quotes about life are ideal motivational for almost any situation. You can use these quotes to help you through the difficult times or stressors ahead. However, you don’t always have the full words to say, so I like to come up with a combination of quotes that sum up the meaning of the words. Here are my top tips for writing your own quotes about life.

Life Quotes


“ASCENDancy is the greatest treasure in this life and also the greatest enemy.” These words, from The Princess and the Pea, by Anna Christie, are a great quote to help you see what ascendancy means. Always remember that there is always something more to live for than falling out of love, enduring a loss, and living life through tragedy. When you look at life from this perspective, nothing is ever very difficult.

“Do not look for what others have, look for what you have.” These beautiful quotes from The Princess and the Pea touch on success, beauty, gratitude, and passion. In addition, this quote teaches that everyone deserves success no matter what they have achieved in their lives. Success doesn’t only mean having money. It also includes helping your fellow man, spreading kindness, and loving your neighbor.

“Great quotes about life are the way of expressing what we want to say but cannot say.” These words, from Mother Goose are a great way to keep your motivation going when life seems to be working against you. Life really does seem to throw curve balls and if you re not prepared to take them serious, you will soon lose your way and find yourself where The Princeilts prefers to be: in a cave. Regardless, you need to get back on the track if you re enjoying these quotes every day.

“I have no use for dreams unless they inspire me to action.” In addition to being a favorite quote of many famous writers, this quote from The Princesse de Cleves shows how many partings welded together to form a strong and loyal relationship. If your life is in disarray, take time to find seuss words to help you get back on the right path. Finding the courage to act on what you truly want to become is important. Don’t just sit there and wish things would change; take the bold step.

“I can do anything I put my mind to if I can think of it.” These famous quotes are a reminder that it doesn’t matter what you think about the things that you want to do. You might as well try because it’s possible. It’s amazing how many people waste their entire lives thinking negatively about something only to never accomplish their goals. Every time someone else tries their hand at doing something great, their minds discuss what they did until the work finally gets done.

“The beautiful things in life are not free.” People often waste their entire lives trying to accomplish things that are out of reach. If all you want is to enjoy the fruits of your labor and spend your days surrounded by beauty, why not give it a try? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to create beautiful things in life; the problem lies in the fact that many people remain frustrated and don’t actually get off their couches to do anything about their desires.

End Note

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“Life isn’t built in a day. It’s built over a lifetime.” This famous quote was said by many successful people including David Thoreau in his book titled “Walden.” These days, people often hear this quote and automatically assume that the people who say it knew nothing about life’s realities. The fact is that David Thoreau knew everything about life; in his case, he also knew how to achieve great success. So rather than wasting your time thinking negatively, why not take what he said and use it as a stepping stone to building a life that you are happy with.

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