Self Love The One Positive Connotation

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Self love can be defined in straightforward words that are love for self. Thus it is an essential part of our life. Though technically it is considering self need and happiness and not sacrificing them for others. This is not being selfish; this consideration should be within a limit and must not harm others. This is the basic need of a person as this also helps in keeping a person happy and satisfied. This keeps your mind fresh and helps you to attain stable mental health.

Views On self Love

Many philosophers have expressed their views on self love. Each one has their thinking, beliefs, and considerations. Though the maximum of these philosophers has considered self love good in a positive manner. One of these philosophers is Aristotle. He has also shared his views on self love.

Self Love a Positive Connotation
Self Love The One Positive Connotation

His views are collected in a book, namely Nicomachean Ethics and Eudemian Ethics. According to himself, love is suitable for a person who wants to achieve a good aim or goal in his or her life. Hence he considered self love for aching an unwarranted personal and immoral intention is terrible. While on the other hand, those who love themselves to achieve a moral and quality aim is the best sort of it. According to them, the bad one is more common than the good one.

Philosopher Augustine stated that a person who is proudly and have sinister thinking or thoughts have the worst form of it since he considers all other types of love as a mirror or temporary one.

Steps For Powerful Love

Though self love is very important, and a necessary form of love as this keeps you happy. Here are some steps to follow or simple ideas to achieve the proper kind of loving your self.

Treat yourself kindly

Do not judge yourself

Keep an open mind filled with curiosity and always accept to learn new

Do not have a complicated feeling or do not compare yourself with others

You should take care of yourself in the same manner as you do for your friends or loved ones.

Do try to be a perfect person. But do not stop yourself from doing mistake while trying something different or new. These mistakes will help you with learning and growing properly.

Self Love a Positive Connotation
Self Love The One Positive Connotation

Explore yourself. Keep note of your likes and dislikes do not make yourself bound to others decision. Though you should always listen to the advice of others but do not force yourself to do the things or activities you are not comfortable with.

If you feel negative about anything, you must figure that out. Otherwise, it will keep you bothering and make you tensed or upset.

Try to encourage yourself whenever to feel low as this is the best way to manage you when you are upset or feel like facing a sinking feeling.

Make yourself learn different and new things. Be your coach. Do not wait for someone to come up and teach you. Try yourself, once you face a problem, but you will learn with practice. Hence this will make you useful in many activities.

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